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Fundraising: The Magic Miles UGB200


On August 19th 2017 our club director Martin will be racing 200mi across the Trans Pennine Trail in a race called Ultra Great Britain. The Children at the club have been doing cartwheels, running and walking, laps around our field during the summer holiday club. They have been adding their joint miles up and plotting there distance on a map of the race. The children are asking family and friends to sponsor them for the laps that they do. Sponsor forms are available at the club and we have a collection tin for loose change. All money raised will be counted by the children at the end of the summer and then the children will decide what toys and play equipment they would like to buy with it.

If there is any of you that would like to get involved with helping Happy Days raise more money please get in touch with us, this could be a great chance to do something out of the ordinary, sky dive, run, cycle, lay in bath of baked beans????? Just get in touch, we'd be happy to help. In the meantime thanks again for all your support.

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