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The full Ofsted report is available below for you to download, you can also get a copy from us at the club. We were really pleased to receive GOOD for our first inspection and have already implemented the two recommendations put forward by the inspector.

“Is not yet outstanding because


  • The organisation of snack times does not allow children to continue or complete the activity they are engaged in as they have to tidy away what they are playing with.
  • The organisation of space in the office/storeroom does not allow children to easily access further resources to support play.”


Although we believe that the children do need some structure for meal times we have taken on board the comments and adapted our approach. We now tell the children when food will be out and when it will be going away, this allows them to choose when to end their play, but we do find that 90% of the children choose to end their play straight away as they want the warm option. We ensure that all children come for tea within the time.


We have recently restructured the office space. The second set of double doors have been utilised enabling direct access to the craft resources from the craft tables and the office is now used as a ‘quiet’ area for homework, quiet play, reading and accessing the outside play area. This has been welcomed by the children. Also by opening the doors we have gained extra display space which is used to showcase work and activities by the children for parents to see upon collection.